why do cat meow? Simple Reasons

why do cat meow? Simple Reasons 1

So, your cat meows all of a sudden just to let you know something? You see, most adult cats do not meow to other cats unless they are hungry or lonely. Instead, they meander around in their own territory, communicating with you. What are the meanings behind a cat meowing? There are several different meanings to this cat sound.

Cat meows can indicate many different things, but most are directed towards humans. The main meow that they use is the one we usually hear when they are hungry or bored or frustrated.

As for the meaning behind the different cat sounds, there are many theories out there, but the ones that have been proven by experts are pretty much the same throughout. The most common ones are:

why do cat meow? Simple Reasons 2

Cat purrs: This cat sound can be loud and long or low and sweet. This sound is usually produced when the cat is happy. The cat may also produce purring when they are in pain because it is a compassionate sound.

Cat meows: Sometimes a cat will meow to communicate with you. If your cat wants to let you know that he is in pain or something, he will do this to let you know. It’s adorable and comforting, and you know he means no harm.

Cat meows when you’re home. Cats are very social animals, and they will meander around when they are not home. They are seeking attention and your approval from you. This is why they will meander away while looking for it.

Cat meows when you aren’t home. Most cat owners think this sound is a cat trying to get you to come home, but in reality, this is actually a cat trying to say, “no,” I’m busy.” If you are home, the cat wants to come outside to see you, so he meanders away. If you aren’t at home, the cat just wants to wait until you come home and then come back.

Cat meows when you are home. Sometimes the cat wants to show you his toys or to say “come.” He might meander away if he isn’t happy with what you gave him, or he might go inside.

why do cat meow? Simple Reasons 3

Cat meows when you don’t want to play with them. There are many situations where a cat will meander away from you. If the cat feels they aren’t being wanted, they will sit down or just lay down on the floor and try to hide. They are trying to get you to go away.

Cat meows when you are about to scratch them. When a cat feels their skin being scratching, it means that they need to be cleaned.
Cat meows if you are going away. If your cat starts to meander when you are going away, it’s a sign that they aren’t happy. Comfortable or relaxed with you. And it’s a bad sign for you as well.

Cat meows when you are leaving them alone. If your cat goes to sleep on their own or if they want to lie down on their own, you will hear this sound. It may be the one from earlier mentioned “Cat meow,” but it may be different. If your cat only meanders to themselves and doesn’t want you to come back to bed, it’s probably because they are unhappy.

Cat meow is actually a charming sound that can make you feel comfortable and calm because it can actually bring a sense of security. You won’t know why your cat is meandering away until you listen to the cat meow.