What Does it Mean When a Cat Cries?

What Does it Mean When a Cat Cries?

Understanding Your Furry Feline Companion

If you are paying close enough attention to your cat, then you don’t need us to tell you that they have many different variations of meows and cat cries that they exhibit throughout the day. They can make up to thirty different noises in order to get your attention, but what are they trying to say exactly?

Your feline may merely be seeking attention, or could possibly be trying to alert you to something far more serious. It is important to understand your cat and it’s unique way of communicating. Below are 7 explanations as to why your cat may be crying.

Saying Hello After Time Apart

What Does it Mean When a Cat Cries?

If after a long day at work, you head home and open your door only to be greeted with a barrage of non-stop cat cries, try not to fret. Your cat missed you! This greeting, while seemingly unstoppable, is your cat’s way of expressing excitement when you return home! The same way that a dog would greet it’s owner at the door, a cat will do the same with an owner it loves and adores!

Your Cat May be Lonely

We all know that life can get pretty hectic, but you should always try to find time to spend with your pet. Of course, you can’t be at home 24 hours a day, but finding things to keep your cat occupied during that time is very important. Interactive play toys can be rotated from time to time so your kitty doesn’t get burnt out on just one. Having a window uncovered from shades, so that they can observe the outdoors is also a healthy activity for indoor animals.

If you decide that another cat is an option you’re willing to try, keep in mind that because your cat is used to being the head of the house, that they may not even enjoy having another around. Also, another cat can never replace your presence. So you will still need to find extra time to give you kitty some love to avoid extra cat cries.

When is Lunch?

What Does it Mean When a Cat Cries?

Having your cat on a scheduled food eating regime can really make a difference. If your cat is constantly meowing at night, you may want to consider moving their feeding time to just before you go to bed to avoid night time cat cries. Remember though, feeding them because they are meowing reinforces the bad habit of begging. Try to avoid this or it may continue.

Life is Stressful, and That Makes Me Angry

Just like humans, cats can get stressed out. To alert you to this they may use their cat cries to signal you. A stressed out kitty may be crying out more often than what it considered normal for them. Situations outside of their norm may be the culprit. An angry cat is highly likely to exhibit the same such behavior. Identifying the cause of the anger and stress and eliminating it is your best bet.

A Cat in Heat is a Loud Cat Indeed

If your female cat is not spayed, and has recently begun going on meowing tirades, she may be trying to tell you that she is in heat. Female cats become significantly more vocal when it comes time to “make babies”. The only real way to avoid the incessant cat cries would be to have her neutered. Especially if you are uninterested in the Tom Cat from up the street returning the call from outside your window.

I am Hurt or Sick

What Does it Mean When a Cat Cries?

If none of the above seem to be the answer to your cat’s meowing, it may be time to take them to their veterinarian for a check up. If their meowing is new and atypical, they may be trying to tell you that they are not feeling well. A quick checkup may be just what they need to start feeling better.

Wise Cat’s Have Lots to Say

Your cat’s newest cat cries may just be from growing older. Vocalization increases in senior felines is fairly common. This may also go hand in hand with a decrease in your cat’s cognitive functioning. Getting to know your cat, and the different variations of cat cries they exhibit on a day to day basis is the only sure way to understanding what they are trying to tell you.