Savannah Cat: Best Largest Domestic Cat in the World

savannah cat

When you bring cat into your home, you want to know that you are choosing the right breed for your home itself, your lifestyle, and any other pets that you may have.  If you’ve done any amount of research, you know that the savannah cat is a popular breed amongst cat lovers of all kinds. 

What makes the breed so popular?  Why is it so well-loved even by those who often put their noses up in the air at anything other than the top tier cats?  It comes down to the fact that savannah cats are nothing short of amazing.  They are an intriguing cat breed that offers you everything you could possibly want in a household pet.  Take a look for yourself and see what all of the fuss is about.


Savannah Cat: Best Largest Domestic Cat in the World 1

Cats are known for being hostile and very opinionated.  Savannahs are certainly no exception, but in a very good way.  

  • They are the dog version of a cat: You know how a dogs can be; they love to follow you around the house and ge involved in what you’re doing.  They’re social critters that will seek you out when you within the house and they absolutely love to be played with.  If you want an interactive cat that is in your face all the time, this is the breed for you.
  • They are mischievous but in a good-natured way: The reality is that savannah cats love to get into trouble.  But, not the “chew up everything you own” kind of trouble.  They love to knock things down off shelves — preferably onto you —, chase toys around the house at odd hours, take toys and put them into your water glass or onto your plate, etc.  Simply put, these cats love to cause trouble as a reminder that they love you!
  • Savannah cats love strangers and other animals: Assuming it is raised with proper socialization and that your other animals (and people) are nice, savannah cats are some of the most social and accepting animals.  They love to play with children, other animals, and complete and total strangers.  They enjoy having people over and will be great for when you want a cat who hangs around at social gatherings.


savannah cat

We all know that the traditional pattern of life for a cat includes sleeping, grooming and playing with toys (usually in the wee hours).  Savannahs have a few different expectations in their day to day lives.

  • Savannah cats are high energy and love to climb: While you may have guessed this from the fact that savannahs are basically dogs, these cats are high energy and love to move around and play.  This includes climbing to very high points in your home simply to check them out.  Whether or not they get back down again without your help depends on the cat.
  • They are intelligent and easily trained: You’ll find that these are great cats for training too.  From playing fetch to all sorts of tricks, including rolling over, shaking paw and more, savannahs are very smart, and love to learn new tricks.  If you’ve always wanted a cat to get you your newspaper in the morning, this is the breed!
  • Most savannahs love outdoor time: If you are someone who loves to be outside puttering in the yard or out for a walks, bring this feline with you!  Savannahs are great on a leash and love to explore the world around you.  This includes water, too.  

General breed information:

Savannah Cat: Best Largest Domestic Cat in the World 2
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There are some breed-specific facts to keep in mind when it comes to understanding these social and smart cats as related to your own expectations for their quality of life (and yours, as a result).

  • Cheap food can lead to brittle bones: You want to make sure that you get them high end food, preferably wet and dry.  When they eat cheap food, they can have all sorts of health problems, including obesity and brittle bones.  While it is expensive, your cat’s health is certainly worth it.
  • They are fussy in determining mates: While social creatures, savannahs are particular in terms of breeding.  If they are raised as litter mates with other cats, they often will breed later in life.  Unlike other cats, savannahs will not mate with just anyone.  This is great for ensuring pedigree, but tricky since reproduction is slow and very selective.   This is further complicated by the fact that many males are infertile until they are several generations removed for their ancestors. 
  • Generations determine temperament: The relationship — genetically speaking — to the savannah breed (Which is African) will determine temperament.  Social comforts, activity level, and intelligence will vary.  You can choose from F1 to F4 as far as savannah breeds.  This relates to the percentage of savannah breed that is included in the kittens to come.  You can also have SBT savannah cats, which are more than 5 generations removed. 


savannah cat

To some, they look at like tabbies.  To others, they look completely exotic and wild.  Savannah cats certainly have distinct features that can be easily recognizable when you know what to look for.

  • There are four types of colourings available: Savannahs are seen in brown, silver, black and smoke.  The most common savannah that you’ll see is a warm gold colour fur with black spots and stripes.  This is considered a brown spotted (or, classic) tabby in traditional cats.
  • Savannah cats are often larger than most domestic cats: While the size does depend on what generation they are (F1 to F4 and beyond, as noted above), savannahs often are larger and leaner than traditional domesticated cats.  They have long legs and pointed, exaggerated ears.  They tend to be taller as well.  Cats that are F4 or SBS often are close to traditional sizing.  This is something to keep in mind in your planning!
  • They have soft and silky fur: With the distinctive striping and spots, savannahs have short, easy to maintain fur.  It is soft and silky smooth and wonderful when you want to enjoy snuggling with your cat.  While they are not hypoallergenic, their shedding is said to be much better than even traditional short-haired domesticated cats.  Yet another perk for those that want to try at-home grooming practices. 
savannah cat

From whatever perspective you see all of this information, you can’t help but admit that savannah cats are pretty incredible.  They’re great family pets and only continue to be gaining popularity as the average cat lover learns more and more about the breed,  If you want a loving, intelligent, well-bred, and beautiful feline in your life, look no further than a savannah to offer it to you in spotted and striped form.