How to Choose A Cat: The Right one for you.( Guid)

how to choose a cat

How to choose a cat: The task of choosing a kitten can be quite overwhelming especially when they are all so cute and cuddly at that age. However this exercise should not be taken lightly, mainly due to the fact that cats have rather long lifespan and being prepared to live with one for a very long time takes a certain level of dedication and commitment. Get all the info you need here.

Choosing A Kitty Basics

Cats are less demonstrative in the love and warmth when compared to dogs. Therefore in order to be committed to the idea of physically keeping a pet cat, the future owner should be totally well informed of every aspect of its care and temperament.

Anything that is small and cuddly is usually easily to consider as a pet, but once the cat is grown it may not seem very cute anymore and even worse, cats have a tendency to have an off standish demeanor which can be very frustrating for the pet owner that is more into the cuddly and nuzzling displays of warmth and love.

The Basics

However there are some ways that can help the future owner pick a suitable kitty for a pet, and the following are some suggestions as to how to go about this:

Doing some research on the various breed available and their own individual characteristics will help the individual make a more informed decision on the type most suited to his or her needs.

Elements such as inherent conditions that might be prevailing to the particular breed chosen would be something worth exploring before an actual pick is made.

This will enable the individual to make a better and more informed decision as to whether the choice made would be suited to his or her lifestyle. Issues such as fur shedding can be a nightmare for the individual possessing dark colored and expensive furniture.

Figure Out The Cost

As in owning anything worthwhile, there are always costs incurred either in the initial stages or throughout the ownership period. However the owner should be well aware and prepared of these costs, otherwise it could eventually constitute to be burdensome.

how to choose a cat

The Cost

The following are some areas where it is most likely to incur costs, thus the need to be aware of what to expect when considering owning a cat:

If the owner is considering a pure breed then the initial cost required can be considerable, however if the cat is gotten as a gift or from an animal shelter there may be no cost or very little cost incurred.

Vaccinations are another element that would require the owner set aside some money for. This is both important and unavoidable as the consequences of not vaccinating the cat would eventually result in other medical problems.

This could cost anything from $50-$70 depending on the types of vaccinations needed.

Neutering the cat should also be considered, if the owner has no intention of being responsible for raising a litter each time the cat gives birth.

This would cost the owner anywhere from $100 – $200, depending on the type of procedure chosen.

Food and water bowls are also another essential item that should be acquired for the cat. As cats are creates of habit, ensuring these are

accessible and kept in a particular place always is important. Kitty litters are also very important if the cat is going to be house bound.

Cats usually require this apparatus to ease themselves and it is certainly a welcomed regimen that works well for both the owner and cat. Investing in a good cat litter box will be well worth the cost.

Check Into The Cats Health

Part of the responsibility of having a cat would be to keep an eye on its health conditions. With this in mind the owner should be well aware of all the necessary elements to look out to ensure early detection is possible and the relevant medical attention can be sought.

Cats Health

The Health

The following are some of the areas that can be looked into when it comes to checking on the health of the pet cat:

A cat’s weight readings should not vary too much and its eating habits should be fairly consistent. These are tell tale signs of something amiss in the cat’s health should these two important factors show some variations. The cat’s ideal weight should be measurable by its age and if this seems satisfactory then the potential owner can consider keeping the cat as a pet.

The cat’s coat is also another good indication to the general health conditions of the cat. If the coat seems rather lack luster, then there is a good indication that either the cat’s health is in jeopardy or the cat’s diet should be changed. Unusual amounts of fur shedding is also cause for concern, although this could be due to a variety of reasons, some of which may be sudden stress the cat is undergoing, the improper nutritional content of the present diet plan, the shampoo being used and perhaps the general living conditions of the cat.

Keeping a close watch on the cat’s inner eyelid or otherwise known as the third eye, would also help to alert the owner of its impending health issues. This eyelid should ideally be should ideally not be visible to the human eye, and if it is, then there is a good indication that there is possible signs of stress created from foreign substances in the cat’s eye.

Check Into The Cats Age

The most popular way to check the age of the cat is by examining its teeth. This method is usually used by those who are not medically trained as animal doctors.

However as most of the kitten’s teeth are usually very quickly evolved into adult ones, it may be rather difficult to actually pin point the exact age of the animal.

how to choose a cat

The Age

The cat’s eyes are another good indicator of its age. If there is cloudiness in the lenses, it would mean the cat is rather old or has managed to contract cataracts.

This would most likely indicate a more mature cat. Most kittens start out with smooth irises which then eventually develop into jagged and crackly looking ones as they age.

Feeling the body to judge the muscular build of the cat is also another way to judge the age of the cat. Kittens then to have well shaped and toned muscles while the older cats would be more inclined to have some extra skin sagging and clear visible evidence of the shoulder blades protruding out.

Also kittens and younger cat are more likely to be more active and thus rather mischievous and playful. An older cat would be more likely to spend most of its time sleeping and not overly impressed with any toys introduced into its daily routine.

Kittens and younger cats however would be more than enthusiastic and curios of any new introduction into their lives and are often very alert to even the smallest changes in their immediate environment.

All these elements put together would help the individual make an informed calculation of the general age of the cat, without the need to seek out a medical expert’s advice.

Once such elements are recognized, the individual can then decide if the particular animal is suitable to be taken as a pet. This will also give the future owner some idea of the other corresponding items that would be needed to cater to the particular age choice made.

What Amenities Do You Need

There are several different options available to the individual who is looking for suitable amenities for his or her pet. Ideally these should be located within the proximity of the eventual home base of the animal.

how to choose a cat

What’s Needed

The first and most likely amenity to source for would be a good vet. This is important as the services of such an enmity, will eventually be needed somewhere down the line. Therefore sourcing for a vet that creates the desired comfort both physically and mentally for the individual and the pet would be rather helpful if not necessary.

Another enmity to look into would be the availability and quality of a good pet hotel. This would be needed if and when the individual would need somewhere to board the pet when vacations are planned. Going over to check out the pet hotel and speaking to the staff would help the individual to consider the merits of the facility and if it would be suitable for the cat. As cats are often only very comfortable in their own surroundings, and find it rather stressful to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings, even if it is for a short period of time, ensuring the stay is as comfortable and least traumatizing as possible would be helpful.

Good pet grooming centers are also something the potential pet owner may want to consider, as the services of such a centre could prove to be rather useful if the owner does not have the time and patience to groom the cat themselves. Besides this the pet grooming centre will be able to provide all the necessary services that are custom fitted to the cat’s needs. They would also be well equipped to deal with all the various processes that are involved in pet grooming.

The Issues That Can Arise If You Don’t Choose Carefully

When the wrong choice has been made the pet owner has some difficult decisions to make. Some may be rather sensitive thus causing the owner a lot of heartache especially if the pet chosen has been looked upon as part of the family unit.

Therefore it would be in the best interest of all, to make the correct choices based on information learnt before any negative decisions have to be enforced.

Great Info

The first issue to be dealt with should be if the chosen pet is allowed on the premises where the individual lives. Often this important point is not considered and upon discovery the pet owner is asked to have the pet removed or face charges.

This is indeed painful for both the pet and the owner who have now established a bond with the pet. Thus giving up the pet would seem like abandoning the pet.

This would also confuse the pet as it would not be able to understand the reason for the change.

Another issue that should be given due consideration is the health of the family members of the owner itself. Some people are simply unable to cope medically with having a pet around.

This is especially so with cat as they tend to shed continuously and the pet dander is also a medical problem for most.

Other medical conditions such as asthma could also be triggered and worsened with the presence of a cat. Here too through no fault of the cat, its removal would have to be considered.

If the individual travels a lot, having a pet is really not a good idea, as the neglect both mentally and physically is just not something that can be easily justified. Pets require the attention, care and love of its owner and this should be a constant fixture in their lives.

Wrapping Up

When choosing a cat to add to your family there are many things to consider. Thank goodness you have gotten a lot of valuable information here.