Cough In Cats – What Is It?

Cough In Cats - What Is It?

Coughing in pets can happen for a number of different reasons. While a cough is not a serious condition itself, it may be a symptom of another underlying health issue. Many of the common causes of coughs in cats are: Feline leukemia, Feline respiratory infections.

Cats can develop coughs as a result of health issues or as a response to a certain treatment. A cat that is experiencing respiratory issues such as cough and fever should be seen by a veterinarian. It may be necessary to prescribe an antibiotic. Your veterinarian can also recommend alternative treatments, such as a nasal spray or a change of diet to address the underlying health issue.

Colds are another frequent cause of coughing in cats. These infections tend to spread quickly from one animal to another and cause coughing and congestion. If the cat coughs, it should be given lots of Tylenol or Advil. If you notice signs of lung inflammation or swelling, your veterinarian will likely suggest an antibiotic or a change of medicine.

Other causes of coughing in dogs and cats often involve underlying serious health issues. If you suspect your cat has a respiratory infection, it is important to visit your vet. Your vet can run tests and rule out other conditions before making a diagnosis. If the underlying health issue is a viral or bacterial infection, your vet may be able to treat it through antibiotics. If the underlying health issue is a sinus infection, your vet may need to operate to remove the affected tissue. This is a fairly simple procedure and you can discuss the options with your vet.

Any type of cough in a cat, no matter the cause, should be checked out by your vet if it does not resolve itself or worsens over time. Sometimes if it worsens over time, your vet will even suggest the option of having it checked out under anesthesia. Although a cat with a cough that refuses to respond to conventional medicine will most likely be given medication at home, it is important to have your cat checked out. To ensure that there are no problems underlying that could lead to a more serious condition.

Cough in cats is something that can affect all types of cats. Although the symptoms may vary based on the underlying health problem, knowing what to look for and knowing how to deal with it is the first step toward treating it.